As at March 17, 2020, our company is still remain open and we are still working to help our current customers to get their systems plan, permit and build. Inspection in some jurisdictions have been delayed due to the changing working hours and social distancing policy. ​Our goal is to keep all the open projects moving forward, and advising our field team to maintain best practices to minimize physical contact and increase personal hygienic awareness. 

We are offering virtual meeting options to our existing customer and also potential new customer via Google Hangouts. Please reach out to us if this is the option you prefer.

If on-site visit is required, this are the measures that we are taking to minimize the chance of infection for us all:

  • we will maintain the recommended 6 ft distance and keep our conversation outside as much as possible

  • we will avoid any physical contact (wave or bow instead of shaking hands with you)

  • we may show up wearing a mask and gloves as preventive measure 

  • we will verify that the staff meeting with you is free of flu symptoms

Thank you for your understanding. May we all be well, healthy and at ease. 

Altadena Energy & Solar Team