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Solar for non-profit organizations

Solar for nonprofits

GO SOLAR with Lease or Power Purchase Agreement

For many non-profit organizations, the best way to go solar is through the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) or a lease (prepaid full upfront or by monthly payment)

What is a PPA?

Altadena Energy & Solar will build, own and operate the solar system for your organization. Your organization will only pay us the energy used each month, just like how you pay your utility bill but at a discounted price.

What is a Lease?

Similar to PPA, Altadena Energy & Solar will build, own and operate the solar system for your organization. However, instead of monthly payment based on energy used each month, you will either have a fixed monthly payment (montly lease), or you can paid off all the expenses upfront (prepaid lease)

Why is it the best option for nonprofits?​​

  • Zero Down-Payment with PPA : no fundraising, or drawing from financial reserve

  • Fixed Monthly payment or Prepaid full with lease: easy budgeting, best for specific grant application

  • Guaranteed Saving : energy rate under PPA is usually set at a discounted rate from utility; with lease, fixed monthly payment or prepaid in full meaning all the expenses are accounted for

  • All-inclusive Service and Maintenance : most organization does not have the expertise staff to maintain the solar system for its optimal performance. Under PPA or lease agreement, we operate and service the system for you so that you can continue doing your good work for the community without the operational hassel

Case Study

Throop Unitarian Universialist Church @ Pasadena CA

PPA Terms: 20-year

Solar Electricity Rate: 10% off from Pasadena Water and Power rate

Down-payment: $0

System Details: The 25 kW-DC solar PV system is designed to cover 100% of the campus usage. During the solar installation process, Altadena Energy & Solar also help upgraded some of the outdated electrical equipment and water leak issue on the roof. 


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