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Let the sun

power your car

Solar + EV Charging Solution

Solar Electric For Home

From the sun to your outlet, photo-voltaic systems transform the sun's radiation directly into electricity that you use for your home appliances and electric car. The power generated by the sun keeps your house running as usual, and provides a relief from ever increasing electricity bills. ​If you lease a system, you pay a monthly bill for the solar power like you do to an electric company, only at a lower price per unit consumed.

Solar Electric Basics

Why your solar PV system can't give you power when the utility grid is down?

Altadena Solar Financing

Cash purchase always give you the highest return on investment. W also offer financing options, without third-party dealer fees.

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we specialize in

custom design

With special attention pay on aesthetics, design and layout, your solar energy system will work well and look great! We work with all types of roof and structure, and we specialize in custom design to retrofit the solar modules the way you want it. Check out some of our projects in this gallery!


Worry about power outrage during a windstorm, fire or earthquake?

Want to maximize the economics of your home solar system by storing the energy produced instead of exporting it to the grid at wholesale rate during mid-day?


Solar PV + Energy Storage System is the answer!

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