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Electric Car Charger Installation

An electric car is a wonderful companion to your home or business's solar electric system.  Transportation generates 40% of CO2 emissions in California, and it doesn't need to be like that.  Electric vehicles both increase the efficiency of your transport (cars reach 100 mpge, and motorcycles and scooters reach 400+ mpge) and shift that energy burden to your solar power electric system.


The future is now, and the electric vehicle options are real and high performing. We install a home electric vehicle charging station with the Level 2 standardized SAE J1772 universal plug, which means that you only need to install one charger for any model of electric cars. We will help you to get this install and connect to your solar power system.


Altadena Solar's solar-powered EV fleet includes a Chevy Bolt and a BMW i3. Wave to us when you see us in town.

Even if you are not ready to go solar yet, we are happy to help you install your car charger! Contact us to day to get an estimate! We work with all type of chargers, and we recommend JuiceBox and ClipperCreek charger if you are looking for one. 

If you are a SCE customer, you can enjoy $450 rebate for driving an EV or plug-in hybird vehicle through their SCE Clean Fuel Rewards Program.

Pasadena Water & Power and LADWP also offer rebate for car chargers installation. 


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