Financing Options for Residential Solar Systems

For homeowners, we offer flexible financial options for you to save on your eletricity bill. You can purchase your system or lease one for $0 down payment. Altadena Energy & Solar offers third-party loan option as well. Also check our Cost FAQ section for information that may help you better understand how much a system will cost.



You own the solar system and lock in the electricity price once and for all for the next 30+ years, with no more worry about utility price increases or fluctuations. The price for solar panels is affordable, and the utility rebates and federal tax credit cover at 30% (as of 2022) of the solar system's cost. Purchasing a solar electric system is the best way to get you an excellent rate of return on investment. 

Lease Program

Altadena Energy & Solar offers in-house lease-to-own program. $1,000 deposit down due at agreement signing, and fixed monthly payment for the duration of the lease (6-year or 10-year lease term).  All leased systems are owned and operated by Altadena Energy & Solar, and they come with power production guarantee and  a complete warranty for the whole lease period. 

Third Party Solar Loan

We work with Energy Loan Network to provide 3rd loan options, check out their website for more details: