Solar & Energy Storage for Commercial Clients

Solar electric systems are increasingly used by commercial clients to defer utility costs, to cut down on demand charges, taking advantage of tax credit and depreciation,  and to avoid the associated electricity price risk by incorporating solar electric into their facilities. Solar electric can be incorporated in a typical on-roof installation, integrated seamlessly into the façade through building integrated PV (BIPV) products, or adding on as a carport structure. Altadena Energy & Solar can provide the technical and financial performance analysis, as well as sophisticated system design to integrate solar electric into your facilities in a tasteful and financially sound manner. We welcome inquires from commercial building owners, building managers, and commercial architects/engineers.

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We provide turn-key solution for all solar energy system. From getting permit and managing the work site, to getting all your paperwork done and turn on the system with utility approval. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and get a free estimate!