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Financing Options for Nonprofit Clients

Direct Pay Tax Credit

Energy efficiency and solar power can be the best investment available for Nonprofits, and it is usually something that allied with most organizations' mission to be friendly to the earth and our community. The savings potential of a well-engineered system is often underestimated. Investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy can offer both superior return to 'paper investments' as well as a lower risk profile. We can model the performance of our projects and can compare them to your traditional investments in terms of payback years, return on investment, effect on resale value, the effect of rebates, tax credits, and other effects. In most instances, our systems offer both higher return and lower risk than alternative investments.
For the first time in history, nonprofits can now benefit directly from the federal tax credit program via a "direct pay" option under the Inflation Reduction Act. In Los Angeles County specifically, systems are eligible for up to 50% tax credit benefits. Reach out to us today to start a free consultation on the benefits of renewable energy that we can bring to your



You own the solar system and lock down the electricity price once and for all for the next 30+ years, no more worry about increases on fluctuating utility prices. Solar panel prices are now affordable, investing your organization's reserve to purchase a solar electric system gives you an excellent rate of return on investment. Your nonprofit will be eligible to receive a direct payment from IRS for the tax credit that the system is qualified for. 


Lease Programs


Altadena Energy & Solar offers several payment options to fit your financial goals. We make it possible for you to switch to solar power without incurring the upfront cost, for as little as $0 down through our in-house lease program. All lease systems come with premium warranty for the whole lease period.


Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)


A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a financial arrangement in which Altadena Energy & Solar owns, operates, and maintains the solar power system. You, as the host customer, agree to site the system on your roof or elsewhere on your property and purchase the system’s electric and/or thermal output from the solar services provider for a predetermined period.

With this business model, you buy the services produced by the solar electricity or hot water system rather than the system itself. This arrangement enables you to avoid many of the traditional barriers to adoption for organizations looking to install solar systems, which include high up-front capital costs, system performance risk, and complex design and permitting processes. In addition, PPA arrangements can be cashflow positive for your business and organization from the day the system is commissioned.

Many non-profit organizations are enjoying green energy using the PPA financial structure--what are you waiting for? Contact us now to learn more about the possibilities to save on energy and achieve great energy efficiency.

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