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Energy Storage System for Non-profit Organizations

Business customers know that demand charges are half the story when it comes to your electric bill at work.  Demand charges measure how much power you demand from the power company, how much generating capacity they need to reserve for you, and how much that costs each month.

There are many methods for reducing your demand charges.  They fall into the subcatagories of:


  1. Demand reduction - Simply use less by using higher efficiency devices.

  2. Demand shaping - Reduce your demand by coordinating the turn on - turn off of major systems at your facility.

  3. Advanced Energy Storage systems - Reduce your demand through battery systems that automatically react to compensate for your facility's power use.


We offer consulting and energy management services to business customers to provide options in these areas. We specialize in working with various rebate programs for business, including the SGIP administered by Southern California Edison. Contact us now to learn more about the benefit of a solar electricity storage system for your business.

The first commercial-size solar PV + energy storage system in the City of Pasadena was developed by Altadena Energy & Solar at the Sequoyah School in 2016.
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