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How a domestic Solar Eletricity Project works?


We strategize an energy plan for every project we do.  What is current usage?  Can efficiency be improved easily?  Does the customer want to add new loads in the future, like an electric car?  We hear so many customers wanting to 'add a few panels' within years of adding solar.  Why not get it right the first time?



Once we have targeted a system sizing, the goal becomes how to best achieve it?  How to site the solar while maintaining the building's integrity and aesthetics?  We will maintain your home or business's look while maximizing your solar's productivity. We will also handle all the required permit application and plan check for you.




A plan is only as good as its execution.  Will the Solar power system stay water proof for decades?  Are conduits properly strapped and kept off the roof?  Are all wires protected from UV?  We build for decades and not years and exceed standards in the building and electric codes to give you a beautiful, productive, and durable system.



After inspections, your system will be connected to the grid. You are now ready to harvest the SoCal abundant sun to power your home, and even charge your car! We provide at least 10 years warranty for all workmanship and up to 25 years manufacturer warranty for equipments.

Getting your system built step by step

Please note that these time frames are for reference only. The wait-time for different cities (permit & planning department) and utilities companies varied. If you are located in the Los Angeles City area, expect that your system connection time will have a major delay due to the LADWP backlog. Check out this Los Angeles Times article to learn more.

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