• Solar energy is the most economical way to heat common water use because the sun is free (and plentiful in Southern California!).

  • Pay less for more hot water. Solar water heating is built on your existing system. You will always have hot water with the gas system as back up; the solar system helps you to pay less for the energy to heat up the hot water.

  • Turn your roof into income property by installing a solar power system and claim government incentives. CSI Thermal Program is offering generous rebate for solar thermal systems installed in California! 


We offer turnkey solution for all solar thermal system (including design, materials, build, permitting, and CSI thermal rebate processing).  Contact us now for a free quote and start saving!

Solar Thermal System


We provide turn-key solution for all solar energy system. From getting permit and managing the work site, to getting all your paperwork done and turn on the system with utility approval. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and get a free estimate!

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